Frequently Asked Questions

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About Our Products

To apply your sticker(s) properly, please follow these steps:

- Be sure to clean the surface you wish to apply the sticker to, removing all dust, debris, oils, etc.
   - PLEASE USE soap and water. DO NOT use Windex or any harsh chemicals as it will interfere with the adhesive. 

- Ensure that weather conditions are ideal before applying the sticker.
   - The adhesive will not stick properly to the surface if the environment is too cold.

- If the sticker HAS transfer tape, SLOWLY remove the sticker WITH the transfer tape from the backing paper.

- If the sticker DOES NOT have transfer tape, SLOWLY remove the sticker from the backing making sure to NOT crease or bend it.

- Apply the sticker with the transfer tape to the clean surface starting with only one corner or a small portion of the sticker first.

- Use a sturdy card (with an even/flat edge), or squeegee and carefully apply the sticker starting from the corner that was initially placed on the surface, and work your way across the sticker.
   - Be sure to firmly press down as you're working across the sticker to avoid air bubbles.

- Once the sticker has been applied completely, give it another good pass throughout the entire sticker to ensure that the application was a success!

- Slowly peel the transfer tape off and you're done! Congratulations!

If you do run into any issues or confusion with the application process, do not hesitate to contact us!

You can email us at, or DM us on Instagram

All our stickers have been graded to be resistant to water, weather, and UV! With proper application, your stickers should last more than 4 years! 


If we receive a high enough demand for certain products we do consider restocking older/recent products. However, we are very unlikely to restock products that were intended for a smaller or more limited release.

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About Your Order

Sometimes our emails may have wound up in your spam or junk. If you haven't already, please check your spam or junk. If your order confirmation email still hasn't been found please email us at and we'll gladly help you locate your order or send another order confirmation email!

Please refer to our SHIPPING INFO page for further information regarding shipping times.

(Shipping updates on that page are typically updated every 2-4 weeks.)

If you have further questions regarding the current status of your specific order, please contact our support email and title the respective inquiry with your order number in the subject line.


We apologize for that!

Please email us your order number, photo(s) of the damaged/defective product and we'll help resolve the issue! We may be able to provide a product replacement if stock is available or issue a refund if there is no availability.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL at this time! (Meaning there will be NO refunds or cancellations)

Please make sure items in your cart & shipping information are correct before finalizing your purchase!

Under certain circumstances (e.g. your order hasn't been dropped off for delivery) we may/will be able to:

  • Edit, Add/Remove, Exchange item(s) in your order
  • Change shipping address